Flush Cup Stud Adapter

Flush Cup Stud Adapter


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The Flush Cup Stud Adapter adds function to push button swivel bases. Use the supplied allen wrench to depress the plunger and slide the stud into the base. The standard stud is ready to accept all swivel types and/or mounting of a bipod or accessories that require a sling swivel stud. Fits all standard push button swivel bases.


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  • Would this allow me to mount a B&T industries BT01-QK: standard height sling stud mount Accu-Shot precision monopod in a stable manner, or does it rotate 360 degrees? I don't believe a free rotational stud adapter would provide enough stability to provide a stable platform. I realize this is a small part but my decision whether, or not to purchase a Ridgeback stock kind of hinges on this question since I don't care to have to either carry a rear bag, or have it dangling from the stock with 550 cord when switching positions. I love the stock but the stability of the firing position is the ultimate deciding factor for what I will use in my several thousand dollar precision custom build.

    i believe when you tighten up the mono pod to the adaptor in the flush cup it will not rotate.  I have not done this myself but customers have told me this works.  You could also epoxy in the stud adaptor to insure it will never rotate on you.  Additionally you could just leave the flush cup there and install a wood screw stud mount and epoxy it in behind the cup.